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360 Games Reviews - Simple Rating & one line summary

 9/10 - Best of the Series for sure

8/10 - Only marked down because of the successors

 6/10 - Very dissapointing, didn't deseve the hype

9/10 - Extra point just for Keifer's voice over

10/10 - What it feels like to be a cowboy

8/10 - didn't live up to the first one, but good nonetheless

7.5/10 - Good clean Zombie Fun!

7/10 - Waited so long for this and was dissapointed afterwards, looks stunning though

8.5/10 - a decent F1 game, long time coming

8/10 - Using the force just rocks

7/10 - Fun, but a bit too similar to other titles

7.5 - not a patch on Forza or Grid, to mention just 2

 8.5/10 - Carries on where original left off

8/10 - without the new novelty of the first a bit dissapointing

7.5/10 - Need to play a bit more to make a real judgement

9.5/10 - Best racing sim on XBox, and IS as good as GT5 on the PS3

9/10 - You'll either love it or hate it, I loved it.

10/10 - The best surprise for 2011 so far, fun, adult and at a million miles an hour, I loved it

10/10 - Best game on the Console EVER, although a little short, hope GOW3 lives up to this

9.5/10 - The only game I play online










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